In Arabic known as Misr, a beautiful country but took it for granted as I lived in Jeddah. A mistake which I made. It was the eighties and could have easily convinced my father to goto visit Egypt but my attraction was the United States.It was just 200 riyals to goto Egypt and lodging would have been at no cost since my dad had a lot of colleagues from Egypt.


1 Egyptian pound =15.76 United States Dollar.


The history of Egypt is enough to write books on the topic but it is not consistent with this post.

The history of Egypt goes back thousands of Years in the past.The earliest human structures goes back to 100,000 years ago.Egypt one of the superpowers of the ancient World and a contemporary to Mesopotamia or Iraq. Egypt as civilization came around 3150 B.C..

This the place Prophet Yusuf or Biblical name Joseph came and became Governor.Later on Prophet Musa (Moses) successfully took Bani Israel with him crossing the Red Sea. The red sea was parted by Allah for him.

From 3150 B.C. to the downfall of Cleopatra Egypt it remained an independent state.Later on fell under Roman Empire then the French then the British and in 1953 became the modern state of Egypt.

Egypt languages :

  • Arabic

  • English

  • French

Usually tourists are on a kind of tight schedule :limited time and budget constraints.


Study about Egypt’s History and Culture and also food before visiting the country at least about a month before. Just don’t go there for shopping because you will regret it as you may never have the opportunity again. We have become so busy with our lives if it is not about budget ,it is about responsibilities at home and work that hinders our travels.

The people of Egypt are generally friendly and know English at least a few English words.

If you are travelling from India you are in luck. Mention about AAN the hit by legendary tragedy king’ Dilip Kumar or Yusuf Khan.

The places to visit

  • The Pyramids of Giza- The Pyramids of Giza known as Pyramids of Cheops built around 2560 B.C. One of the Seven Wonders of the World and is located in Cairo.

  • Luxor’s Karnak Temple

  • Islamic Cairo

  • Aswan

  • Abu Simbel

  • Alexandria

  • Saqqara

  • Siwa Oasis

  • Cairo Citadel.

  • Nile Cruise

Hey trip is not sight seeking eating too . Here are few restaurants in Cairo:

Fasahet Sumaya It is in a hidden alley run by a lady named Sumaya.

Food to eat:Roqaq pastry stuffed with minced meat.

This place is an authentic Egyptian cuisine but beware it is open 2 hours a day.

Abou Al Sid

A poor man at the time of the Ottoman Sultan opens a restaurant and then is summoned to the court to become a chef.

It is an interesting story like the website itself.Checkout website before visiting Cairo.

Specialty :Duck,Rabbit.

Address :26th of July Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt, +20 22 735 9640


The cuisine of this place is Grill.Located in the alleyway of Al Azhar street you have to know what you are looking for.

Specialty :Stuffed Pigeon.

Sahtein’s Oven

This is an authentic Lebanese cuisine located in Cairo Egypt.You ought to try it.

Contact Details:

Facebook page:

Phone :+20 1275420615

Opening hours:8:00 AM to 12 :00 AM (night,Egyptian time).

Address:Shagaret Al Dor Street Misr Petroleum Station | Abu Al Feda, Zamalek


Aswan Moon

Located in Aswan near the river Nile.Relaxing and having some tasty

Great Egyptian food here especially juice or coffee would be nice.

The Food

The food is really yummy and you ought to try most if you are new.

Some of the food:

  • Shawrma ,you probably have tasted if you were in an Arab country before. THIS FOOD is made of beef,mutton or chicken which keeps on turning on a rod vertically.When a customer wants to eat the attendant cuts bits and places them in a bread which is hand made. Delicious! If you have a problem with beef ask for mutton or chicken.

Souvenirs (remember Egypt by) to buy from Egypt:

Actually photographs and souvenirs are the evidence that you really visited somewhere.

So before visiting make your Camera or mobile camera ready.

I will explain that somewhere later in the post.(Photographs). The reason being other then the two everyone has to take your word for it!

Souvenirs to buy

Incense Ever since ancient times in religious rituals these wood with a scent is used in Middle East and India.


There is a city in Morocco after this name.

It is a red cap which was made compulsory by the Ottoman Sultan in 1829 for his officers. Since this Ottoman time wearing a Fez has become popular in Egypt.

Wooden Jewelry boxes.

The boxes are beautiful crafted wooden boxes starting around 45 Egyptian pounds. But remember to bargain.

When buying gold be careful

Try reading this link buying gold in Egypt (Careful!)

Pottery and Ceramics

Ramadan Lantern Fanoos’

Hand Blown Glass ornaments.

Kilim Carpets

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