Shaddad bin Ad.

When I was young I had heard about Shaddad and his earthly paradise.

I never really knew who he was really.

Then with the advent of modern technology lot of information has been found.

Shaddad was a king who was strong and tall accompanied by long life.By today’s standard he was a giant.Well in his area he was a great king since his people were the same height anyway.

Shaddad belonged to the Aad race of ancient Arabia.The Aad were sent a prophet whose name was Hud(Peace be upon him).

Shaddad was around 700 years when Prophet Hud visited him.


The lineage of Aad:

The Aad were descended from Shem (Sham),son of Prophet Nuh.

Aad son of Uz son of Aram son of Iram son of Shem son of Nuh(Prophet of Islam as well in OT).

Aad sons were Shadid and Shaddad.

The Aad tribe(named after Aad) were invited to the Truth ,to believe in one true Creator.

They rejected the Prophet Hud(Eber in OT) and were consequently destroyed.But that is totally a different story.

Location:Wadi Ramm,near Jordan.Exact location has not been found,but some archaeological evidence has been found.

The special interest in the Aad is that nowhere in history there is mention except in the Quran.

“And they were pursued by a Curse in this life,- and on the Day of Judgment.Ah! Behold! for the ‘Ad rejected their Lord and Cherisher! Ah! Behold! removed (from sight) were ‘Ad the people of Hud! (Surah Hud, 60)

The people:

The Aad were giants ,about the size of 90 feet and had great life span:around 700 years average.

The Aad built ‘lofty pillars’ and were great builders but were amateurs in comparison to their descendant Thamud.

The Aad were polythestic and they worshipped idols.

Shadad was a giant and a king.He did have ability to find treasures under the ground.

He was the king of Aad and a tyrant. He did conquer nearby kingdoms.

Prophet Hud told Shaddad about Paradise which the virtuous and good people will get after death.

Shaddad decide to build a paradise.The paradise was built for several hundred years,though he was warned by righteous people not to but he did not listen.

After living for 900 years he finally went with his courtiers to enter his ‘Paradise’ but before he could enter ,death approached him.(The angel of Death).Though he pleaded but he was not given the chance.Both he and his courtiers died before entering the paradise,

A person during the time of Muwaiyah(companion of the Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) named about the Paradise’:Iram.

Below the description of the incident recorded by few Arab writers:

“Abdullah bin Qalaba who went in search for his lost camel. He was wandering in search of his camel in the wilderness of ‘ad. In that wilderness he saw a city surrounded by a moat. There were many palaces and numerous standards (flags). He came towards it thinking it would be inhabited and he would seek information regarding his camel. But he did not see anyone entering the city. He came to the gate, alighted from his she-camel and tied it on one side. Then he extracted his sword from the scabbard and entered the city. He saw two more gates, more lofty than anyone has seen in the world. They were made of incense wood and inlaid with yellow and red rubies that brightened up the surrounding houses with their glow. Seeing this, the man was mesmerized. He opened a door and entered. He saw another city within, as resplendent and as beautiful. He saw palaces in it; they were constructed on pillars of emeralds and rubies. All the palaces had windows, and above each window was another window. All made up of gold, silver, pearls, rubies and emeralds. The gates of these palaces were like the gates of the city. Of incense wood inlaid with rubies. The floor of the palaces was plastered with pearls, musk and saffron. When the visitor beheld the sight and did not find any human, he was terrified. The palaces were surrounded by orchards of different kind of fruit-bearing trees. Streams flowed underneath the trees. He thought that it was the same Paradise that Almighty has promised for the righteous.
He thanked Allah for letting him enter the Paradise in his worldly life. Then he began pluck as many pearls, musk and as much saffron as he can. But he was not able to pull out a single ruby or emerald. Then he came out, mounted the she-camel and returned the way he had come, to Yemen. He showed the pearls, musk and saffron balls he was having and related the whole incident. He even sold the pearls he had obtained, though they had yellowed due to their age. The information gained popularity and reached the ears of Muawiyah. He sent a messenger to the governor of Sana’a requesting him to send this person to him. Thus he came to Muawiyah. Muawiyah took him aside and he related the incident. He summoned Ka’b him Ahbaar and asked him, “Have heard or read in some book about a city of gold and silver with palaces on pillars of rubies and emeralds, and windows and floors of pearls and orchards of fruit-tries beneath which streams flow?” “Yes”, replied Ka’b, “This city was constructed by Shaddad the son of ‘ad. It is the same Iram that is mentioned by Allah in the Qur’an and praised in the words, “No city has been constructed like it.” Muawiyah told him to relate the details.”


Though this above information is not verified.

The Holy Quran says about Iram:

Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the ‘Ad (people), –
7. Of the (city of) Iram with lofty pillars,
8. The like of which were not created among (other) cities?
9. And the Thamood (people) who hewed out the (huge) rocks in the

–Surah Fajr.

According to Jason Colavito

In reference to Al Maqrizi writes in his book Al Khitat that the Copts believe Shaddad bin Ad’ is the builder of the pyramids.

Indica Travels thanks Jason for introducing Al Maqrizi’s book :Al Khitat.

The place was supposedly somewhere in Oman or Yemen.It certainly is in Rubayal Al Khali or Empty Quarter.

This place is a huge piece of desert. Area being :650,000 km square.

20th Century findings:closest we got.

In 1944 ,a RAF pilot named Raymond O’Shea was flying from Salah,Oman to Muscat.

He got lost and landed and founded several fort’ like structures.

There were no people inside the town,it was deserted.

He later went with his few companions and found two buildings about 40 ft high.He though the legendary city of Qidian,the lost city of King Ad’.

Src:Ancient Origins.

Here are some excerpts from the article in Ancient Origins:

“leaving their camels at the base, they made the stiff climb to the summit on foot, where they saw a sight which took their breath away.

The top of the hill was not flat as it had appeared from below, but concealed a large bowl-shaped de­pres­sion, at the center of which was a small group of derelict buildings about a hundred yards across. He de­scribes in detail two towers about forty feet high, and how the walls were made of stone blocks measur­ing up to two feet in &, held together by mortar”


Raymond wrote a book called:”Sand Kings Of Oman”

Buy Book :

Actually Ad’ is a race and one of the originators of the race.Shaddad bin Ad’ meaning Shaddad son of Ad’.

In Arabic son of ‘ is bin whilst in Hebrew it is ben. So actually Ben might not be a name but means son of.

The closest thing uptil now was by the US billionaire Nicholas Clapp.

He found a city called Ubar with whole octagonal structures beneath the sand.Ad’ was destroyed by harsh storm.

Whether Ubar is Iram or not,it is not confirmed but might be related to Ad’.

It was referred to as Atlantis of the Sands.The pottery found in the region was 2000 years old and was Greek!


The location of Ad’ is supposed to Wadi Rumm in Jordan.

Two inscriptions found from Wadi Rumm or Ramm.

Ghawth son of Aslah son of Thokam and he constructed the temple of Allât, of the people of Ad

May Abdallâhi son of ‘Atmo be remembered for all time before Allât, the goddess of Iram


The Thamud were descendant of the race of Ad’ and they were sent the Prophet Salih.

“And remember how He made you inheritors after the ‘Ad people and gave you habitations in the land: ye build for yourselves palaces and castles in (open) plains, and carve out homes in the mountains; so bring to remembrance the benefits (ye have received) from Allah, and refrain from evil and mischief on the earth

-Al Quran(Surah Araf,Verse:74)

Both Ad’ and Thamud worshipped idols mainly Al lat and Uzza like all other Arabs before Islam.

The structures of Thamud still exist and used to make homes from carving in Mountains.

The place where Thamud left their homes,carved in the Mountains are in Madain Salih located in Saudi Arabia.

The Quran says:

“To the Thamud people (We sent) Salih, one of their own brethren: He said: “O my people! worship have no other god but Him.Now hath come unto you a clear (Sign) from your Lord! This she-camel of Allah is a Sign unto you: So leave her to graze in Allah.s earth, and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment.” (Surah Al-Araf,Verse 73).

The Quranic verses related to Thamud and Ad’ can be found from below site:

Both Thamud and Ad are topic by itself.

An inscription by Sargon II on the Thamud:

The Thamudites, the (Ibadidites), the Marsimanites and the Khapayans, distant Arab tribes, who inhabit the desert, of whom no scholar or envoy knew, and who had never brought their tribute to the kings, my fathers, I slaughtered in the service of Assur, and transported what was left of them, setting them in the city of Samaria


Visit Madain Salih(Thamud):

Fly to Jeddah.


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