ltachuna is a name of a place that I heard of ever since I was a kid.Well I have been there several times since my mother’s mamas(maternal uncles) live there.My mother grew up in the golden 50’s in West Bengal,India.She was born in a year when India got its independence from the British Raj.

Her memory paints a virtual picture of the time of the era of Golden 60,s.The era which was all around the world a time of creating legends in arts,Cinema Literature and Politics.The Great Bengali Hero Uttam Kumar was very much alive then and his films were very much loved by the people at that time.

Itachuna was also known as ‘Bargee Danga’ This was a term given to Maratha warriors attacking Bengal.

Khanyan is the train station on the way from Howrah to Burdwan and is located about 55 Km away.It takes about 45 -50 minutes by train.

This is the station where the famous king of Bengali Cinema Uttam Kumar  did a scene of film  called Nayak.

Itachuna could have been considered as a semi town from 50 years ago.Situated in Hooghly,West Bengal,India and at a distance of 60 km from downtown’ Calcutta is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The film Lootera starring Ranbir Kapoor was filmed in the Itachuna Rajbar.Apart from this film,many TV soap operas do their film shooting in this zamindar estate.

Where to stay:

A great way to revisit the British Raj is to live in the Itachuna Rajbari as a guest.The details can be found from their site:

Approximately the lodging  costs per day for two would be :$80 or 4500 Rupees. This is rather a costly according to the surroundings.But you can chose to live a little far away  in one of the cities:

  • Bandel
  • Chandanagore
  • Panduah
  • Chinsurah.

Here is a budget hotel to stay:

Aditionally you can experience another place with lower costs.But actually depends on the visitors travel plan.
How to get there:
By Train.
First you need to reach the train station at HOWRAH.
Then book a ticket for Khanyan(choose main line:Burdwan Local train)
By Car: