Brief Intro and History:

Calcutta or Kolkata was founded by the British as the capital of British India in 1757 .There is much history surrounding Kolkata and defeat of Nawab Siraj ud Dowla.But that is topic for another Post.

It was formed by the combination of three villages:

  • Kalikata
  • Sutanati and
  • Gobindapur

After 1757 these three distict villages which had areas as European Kolkata,Tradituonak Kolkata and a market for clothes became unified as Calcutta.

The orgins for the name Kalikata has few theories.Writing on Kolkata will produce chapters.Uptil 1911 Kolkata was the capital of British India and then it was moved to New Delhi.

After 2000 Calcutta was spelled as Kolkata since that is how it was called by the local people except the English.Well the English have a way of simplifying’ or anglicizing any’ valuable asset or thing.

It might be interesting to Brazilians that Hooghly which is about 45 minutes by train fron Kolkata had Portugese presence as early as the late 1500s.

About the People and Language:

The majority of the people in Kolkata or to be exact in the state are Bengalis.That means they speak the anguage Bengali.Bengalis are proud to be bengalis.Interestingly you can have Bengali Hindus,Bengali Muslims,B.Christians,B.Bhuddists can have a good tea and breakfast discussing art,culture and politics.Here Bengali culture over rides all other parameters such as religion,wealth,profession,color,looks..etc.This was a culture called Babu’ culture that was devised by tbr British.Concept of Globalism was prsent in Kolkata since 250 years.Thanks to the British.Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal,India and Dhaka happens to be capital of another country: Bangladesh.Once the two bengals were one country.Before the British divided Bengal as oer their policy of Divide and Rule.The people of Bengal were very much protesting against the British.Bengal dates back before 1000 BC,knowns as Vanga(Bongo).The ancient Greeks referred to Bengal as Gangaridai’.

Alexander the Great around 300 BC came to conquer Bengal but he could not.Here is an aritcle on the Alexander’s invasion of Bengal.

So you can see why Bengalis dont colonists or others ruling them.But that is history.Bengalis in general are polite,friendly and love chatting with a cup of tea.Talking about everything or nothing is what they enjoy most.That was the usual Bengali but that is chaning.The writer of this post is Bengali.We Bengali have lot of similarities with South Americans.


There are lots of places to visit in Kolkata or Calcutta.Here is my visit about a year ago.

There is the old and new.But here some areas I visited.



City Centre Kolkata

The City Centre.Ok tney have two.One is in Salt Lake and the other in Rajarhat.I do prefer the later one.It is a Mall with various shops of many varities.Some of the categories:

  • Clothes for Women/Men/Children
  • Brands
  • Toys store
  • Book Store
  • Food Restaurant
  • Cinema :INNOX with Dolby Sound.

The City Centre in Kolkata really is serious when it comes to events.Yes we do have Basundhra in Bangladesh.But the schools event in City Centre was definitely something to watch.Well I did not expect the school event to be held in a mall to be so entairtaining.I mean,I went to shop and hear I was being captivated by the young talents of the finest schools in Kolkata.

South Mall

For Ever 21


This is really a groovy mall with well known brands.The mall is nice but could not spend much time here since had a deadline.My cousin had a tutor coming to teach him.So we had to return pretty fast .I honestly cannot give a exact review of this place.

Howrah Bridge

Well was crossing Howarh Bridige while entering Kolkata.I actually was entering the city coming from Hooghly ,residence once to 4 colonial powers once.A nice site to see.


This just a very brief glimpses of Kolkata which gives an idea.But lot of other interesting places to explore.

You have short time.You want Super man shopping speed in Kolkata.Well here is an idea:

  • City Centre ,Kolkata  at SaltLake
  • New Market. Good if you have time.
  • South Mall.
  • City Centre2,Near Airport.

Going there:

By Airplane

There are lot of International airlines flying  to Kolkata.There are few airlines of our choice: