Chandigarh is known to be a masterfully designed city, owing to the well-designed infrastructure and innumerable roundabouts.Chandigarh is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in India with pollution free environment and beautifully wide roads. The tranquillity and unanimity of this city will gratify and tickle your soul from the inside. The like-mindedness of the people to keep it clean and smoke-free is something encipher and bountiful. The beautiful city has set a benchmark which is relatively difficult for other citites to be on par with.

To justify the beauty that is Chandigarh, the city is named as the capital of two states which is Haryana and Punjab. The city is intricately divided into several sectors, each boasting its own unique forms of entertainment and attractions.

The blissful History of Chandigarh

Fun Fact: Despite the well-organized blueprint of the city, one might notice the absence of a sector 13. That is because 13 is regarded to be an ominous number in the Indian culture. This is only one of the several facts about Chandigarh that we’ll be discussing in this article. The city of Chandigarh is not only touted as the city of art but also of history. Chandigarh originated when India went through its infamous partition. After the separation, Lahore was declared as the capital of unbroken Punjab. But, after Lahore was decided to be a part of Pakistan, the state was left without a capital. Many people also migrated from Punjab. This, as a result, made the need to name another capital city urgent.

A council was assigned to research the site. Various factors were also kept in mind. Eventually, one site got selected which was more like a farm. So, Chandigarh got its name from word ‘Chandi’ which means the Diva or enchantress of power. ‘Garh’ meant citadel. A blueprint or outline was prepared when the place was finalized by the assigned American team. Due to an unexpected obstacle on the project the other teammates rebuffed to work. In 1951, things were sorted,and an artist from French, named Le Corbusier took charge of work. He delegated the powers to another member and through several years of planning, Chandigarh came into being. Ever since its inception, Chandigarh was destined to become one of the cleanest city in India.

The eye-popping places to visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh justifies its beauty through various tourist attraction which one can’t afford to miss while visiting Chandigarh. The same are enlisted below.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is touted as the source of all things beautiful that dwell within the city. Spread across an area of 30-Acres, the Rose Garden is home to over 800+ different variants of rose, making it one of the most romantic places in the city. Created in the year 1967, the place is where most of the exotic flora within the city resides. This whimsical garden is sure to keep you close to the glory of nature.

Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley is known to be one of the most renowned tourist spots of Chandigarh. It is the most vibrant display of what the city has to offer with its ethereal gardens and the flora that goes along with it. Leisure Valley starts from the Rajendra Park and extends till Bougainvillea garden in sector 3. Also known as the lungs of the city, it’s an ideal spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle and fall into the magnanimity of nature.

Iskcon Temple

Iskon Temple is an epitome of harmony and devotion where your spirits will feel liberated. Dedicated entirely to the Hindu deity Krishna and his feats, the peace and harmony one experiences here is hallucinatory and over-whelming. Along with the opportunity for one to get close and personal with the culture, the story of Lord Krishna and Radha is depicted in this place with utmost devotion and wholeheartedness. Any devotees of the deity never miss visiting this beautiful temple.

Rock Garden

If you wish to see nature preserved in the most artistic of ways, then Rock Garden is undoubtedly the place be the best spot. Laid in 1957, it is also known as the sculpture garden of Chandigarh. The surrealist arrangements of broken chinaware and rock boulders,almost make the sculptures and statues come to life.

Sukhna Lake

Have a quiet conversation with nature at Sukhnalake that offers various water sports activities like yachting, boating and water skiing. It was created in 1958 and is an inseparable part of the city. This lake was deeply attached to the city planners, and this is the reason why Pierre Jeanneret’s ashes were immersed in it. Enjoy an up-close interaction with the surreal beauty of the lake as you explore the wilderness of the place.

ChattBir Zoo

Animal enthusiasts cannot miss this wonderful ChattBir Zoo in Chandigarh. The zoo is home to animals, reptiles and mammals. If you live to have an interaction with nature, then ChattBir Zoo is sure to give you a rush of adrenaline with the limitless sites of nature in its purest form. Get up close and personal with the monkeys, enjoy the tiger safari or take a dive into the lap of nature, either way, you’ll experiencing fauna at its best.