Jeddah or Jiddah is the port city of Saudi Arabia.It is belived to be the place where Mother Hawa(Eve),wife of the first man landed on Earth. Her grave is also located in Jeddah.

The history of Jeddah is not the topic of this post but let me assure you it is very interesting.Jeddah once had the largest airport in the world and so had it appeared in Guiness Book of Worlds record,some where in 1983 or later.

Brief History:

Jeddah has a history of about 2500 years.Interesting to know is that the people of Thamud also lived here.Alexander the Great is supposedly have visited Jeddah.The history of Jeddah will be a topic by itself.The modern Jeddah has its root after it was conquered by the family of King Abdul Aziz.

Jeddah in the 80’s:

I myself feel delighted and happy to write on Jeddah aas this is a city I grew up in.The first time I visted Jeddah,Saudi Arabia was in 1977 when the world was really omenice to live in.Growing up in Jeddah in the eighties :1980’s was really an experience worth remembering.

We really did see ladies selling gold coins on the streets of Jeddah.They would cover their merchandise once the call to Prayer,(Adhan) was given.For practicing Muslims,Jeddah was of the 80’s was a haven’ or utopia to certain extent.

The video below sums up life in Jeddah of the 1980’s :

Smoke Shisa

Visitors to Jeddah would find many places to visit but it depends on your planning. Here

are some places to visit:

  • Balad Al Balad stands for the city.It is a hangout place for Jeddah residents.Something like Dharmotola of Kolkata,India or Dhanmondi area in Dhaka,Bangladesh.But am not comparing the place with others but am mentioning so people can relate to.Living in Jeddah with lot of free time can become montonous or boring.I never wondered why is it called Balad.We used to go there have Mussakil -a mixed fruit juice made by Lebanese shop keepers was really enjoyable.It is more than 20 years I have yet tasted Mussakil.The place is a historical place and about 150 years old.It is now an UNESCO heritage.Don’t take living in Jeddah for granted.Thinking,there is nothing to see? Some of things to see: a)Mosque of Othman bin Aan and other Mosques.b) Nassef House. c)Gold Market(Souk).In Arabic market is called Souk.Pure gold ornaments can be found,including swiss gold.Price is relatively cheaper than in India or Bangladesh.That is in the sense they really give amount of gold that is mentioned.
  • Floating Mosque in Jeddah A mosque that is constructed in sea shore.A real pleasant site to see and a place to visit with kids.
  • Jeddah Corniche – The sea beach area of Jeddah is nice place to visit.It gives a good scenery for taking pictures.But it depends on the sea beach area you are visiting whether you can swim or not.
  • Fakieh Aquarim -The only Aquarim in Saudi Arabia.It is home to 700 exotic sea creatures from 200 species.An interesting place to visit with the family.
  • Abdur Rauf Khalil Musuem. This museum gives you an idea of history of Jeddah and Saudi Arabia.Whilst living in Jeddah,we never bothered with history of the place.A thing which I regret.Saudi Arabia has history of more than 2000 years old!I did not know this back in the Eighties.The expatriates(my dad was one) spent time mixing among themselves and visiting each others places.Apart from visiting Makkah and Madinah.So if you are in Jeddah don’t miss visiting this musuem.The knowledge you learn there will be an asset.(I myself a desi who was brought up in Jeddah during the 1980’s till early 90’s.)
  • Red Sea Mall- A new modern mall having the latest in fashionable clothes and gifts.It has an area of 242,200 square feet.One of the biggest mall in Saudi Arabia.It is a nice place for relaxing and visiting with family.But when it comes to shopping you should chose Balad or Bab Makkah.These two will save you lot in terms of money.The website of Red Sea Mall is
  • BAB Makkah -This is name of place in Jeddah which is next to Balad.It means Gate of Makkah.It is old market with products being sold at very cheap prices in comparioson to the malls.A melting pot area where you will find people from India,Bangladesh,Pakistan ,Egypt,Philipines,Yemen in one place.It is a sight to see if you are looking for heritage buildings and places.The place can be compared to Old Delhi or Old Dhaka(known as Puran Dhaka).