Kolkata or was known as Calcutta. The West Bengal government changed it somewhere in 2002. Its funny for so many years you see it as Calcutta and suddenly Kolkata. We Bengalis always pronounced it as Kolkata any way. The hurt maybe more the British who lived during the British Times,sice they pronounced it as Cal cutta.

History of Kolkata

Bengalis take pride in Kolkata ,I don’t know why,but it does not belong to us completely.Actually history is trading post started by the Portugese in Hooghly :Bandel and Saptagram around 1600s. Lot locals has no idea the word & area Hooghly came into being due to the Portugese. The name was UGOLIM.

These guys had a great fight with the Mughals and finally given permisson to settle in Bandel.

So many times I passed by Bandel railway station never did I realise this place had history :Colonial and a Church from 16th century,built by Europeans!

Hooghly would have been the capital of British India ,had not been for the river. The British decided to find a new place for their capital. The East India Company then were looking for a place for their trade settlement and in 1698 bought three villages.These three villages were :

  • Sultanuti
  • Kalikata
  • Gobindapur

These villages were bought from a rich landlord called from Sabrna Roy Chowdhury. Come to think of it this family owned Kolkata once.!

If you have time in hand you can visit Sabarna Sangrahashala the family museum of the owners of Kolkata before the British.


Saptarshi Bhawan, Baro Bari, Post Office, 67/3, Diamond Harbour Rd, Barisha,Kolkata

How to there:

You can by train from Esplande(Dharmatola).

Time taken:45 minutes

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The name of Kolkata is interesting as well. Job Charnock once asked a farmer working in the area of name of this place. He misunderstood and said :”Kali Kata hobay.” His reply was the crop will be cut tomorrow. So this how we ended having name Kolkata.

Places to Visit.

Most people visiting Kolkata prefer to stay in New Market Area.

This area includes :

  • Free School Street
  • Esplande
  • Marquis Street
  • Camac St Expensive
  • Park St. Expensive

But this has changed since the arrivals of malls. Dharmatola (Esplande area) or new market area was the hangout or place for shopping.

Places to go:

New Market

This place has been center of Kolkatas shopping for a hundred years.Established in 1903 by Sir Stuart Hogg. It was named Hogg’s market.

If you do like shopping traditional way New Market and surroundings offer a shopping expetience that is not available at the Malls.

But you need good bargaining expertise in mist if new market.

Don’t forget to experience street food like:

  • Mixed Chaat Price :15 Rs.
  • Juice Price :10 Rs.

and other street food nearby.

While you are near New Market don’t forget to try the fruit cake of Naouham confectionery which was established in 1902.

There is also Bandel cheese from Bandel,brought in by the Portugese.

Victoria Memorial

A marble building to commemorate Queen Victoria ,it was proposed by Lord Curzon.

Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India proposed with gardens

“Let us, therefore, have a building, stately, spacious, monumental and grand, to which every newcomer in Calcutta will turn, to which all the resident population, European and Native, will flock, where all classes will learn the lessons of history, and see revived before their eyes the marvels of the past.”

The work was however finished in 1921 as it also coincided with the transfer of capital to New Delhi.

It is a nice place for sight seeing especially in the morning.

Distance from New Market to Victoria Memorial:

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum was created in 1866 by Sir William Jones in 1784.

Nakhoda Mosque

The mosque was built in 1926 by the Kutch Memon community at the price 150,000 Rs.

It is a place of worship for Muslims. Other than this this area has lot of shops and things to eat.Tourists come to visit for its faboulous architecture.

Distance from New Market to Mosque:

Tipu Sultan Mosque

Tipu Sultan was a ruler of Mysore who the British fought with. After his death the British were sure to conquer India.

The mosque was built by his youngest son Prince Ghulam Mohammed since he grew up in Kolkata.

Distance from New Market:

Howrah Bridge

Now this walk around is given assuming you are living near Lindslay Street or New Market Area. Well this is the hangout area.

Eating whilst walking

Whilst you are walking ,shopping you have to eat. Not finish sight seeing or shopping then go to eat,no.It will be too late. Make your plan from a night ago.


A Muslim restaurant for non vegetarians with delicious biryani.They cater to muslims,hindus and every body else.So they have made their menu likewise.

Whilst going towards Park Street?

Park Street,even no reason just visit it. You will like. The most expensive place and the rich,aristocratic people of Kolkata stay here.



Place:Park ST.

Cusine :Mughal,Non Veg.

Cost:400 Rs. (5$)


Then after finishing a meal go to Flury’s for Pastry.

Still in Park St.


A pastry and cake shop since the British times.Yummy pastry in Kolkata.

Cost:100 Rs.( 2$.)


Don Giovannis Pizza

These guys got very good pizza for their price. I prefer them in comparision to Dominoes or Pizza Hut(am talking about Houston,TX).

You still on Park st.

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Nahoums & Sons Confectionery

The oldest Jewish bakery since 1902 has delicious almond cakes to offer.

This is in New Market area.


Kolkata is home to the famous sweet dish : Rosogolla. Dont miss this dish and you are in Kolkata.

Place to eat:


Address :11A, Esplanade East, New Market Area, Kolkata


Price :100 Rs.(1$/for two)

Or you can order from Ganguram.

It is too sweet for European tastes but don’t misss it or you regret !


Do you want to experience dining in a casual place where the locals go.

Eat and take some food with you.


1.Buy authentic Kashmiri Shawls from

Pumposh (Kashmir Shawl EmporiumPumposh (Kashmir Shawl Emporium),New Market.

Buy Tea from

Lucky Tea Store ,New Market. These guys sell good tea.Contact :Mr. Joynal

Pick up hand stiched Kantha or embroidery from Manjusha.

The writer from New Orleans,Fatima Shaik talks about Indian men during british times going to United States to sell handicrafts. Many like her grand father chose to stay in Orleans.